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June 11 - It always strikes me how little time elapses between The Masters in April and the U.S. Open in June.

After all, two months is a mere blip when you're talking about a 600-year old game; closer to 800 years according to some historians. It's said golf in some primitive form was played in Scotland in the thirteenth century.

But time is measured in so many ways. 

Two months ago, those of us in Berkshire County anticipated the arrival of The Masters from indoors. Our usual weather woes were particularly stubborn in 2014.

This week, the golf world focuses on our national championship at Pinehurst's famed number two course, which is especially enticing by its stark contrast to the manicured opulence of Augusta National. 

This contrast is a good and healthy thing.  CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING MIKE GALLIHER'S COLUMN